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Pira series

Pira is an elegant, almost sculptural series of sofa beds and matching poufs designed by the German designer, Joa Herrenknecht. Created with the idea to design a functional sofa bed with an aesthetic profile looking and feeling nothing like the ordinary sofa bed. Instead functions are cleverly hid, but still instinctively intuitive, like the hidden storage compartment in poufs and chaise lounge modules, and the level of comfort exceeds any expectations. The entire series is FSC-certified, and the sofa bed has a built-in fold-out mechanism of the highest quality that is skilfully disguise, but reveals the longest, biggest and softest mattress allowing you to sink in a unwind most comfortably. A beautiful design with thought-out details, timeless, clear lines and a contemporary touch.


– Elegant design with built-in functionalities

– Made from FSC™-certified wood

– Part of a series