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Finest Office Furniture Supplies offers a wide range of HK office chair collections. We source quality and durable products from the world and create our own to bring a pleasing work environment for business in Hong Kong.

Office Chair HK

It’s not always easy to find the right office chair HK that would fit within your budget and also improves the comfort and productivity of your employees. With Finest, you can find the right chair for your office and make it a worthwhile investment for your business. Here are a few tips that can help you choose an office chair for your workplace:

1. The chair should have a comfortable back

Most of the times, working in an office means spending hours sitting in the chair and completing one task after another. Office chairs are essential designed in such a way so as to improve productivity and reduce the chances of getting hurt while sitting for long hours. Office chairs need to be relaxing and should have a comfortable back to lean on for the employees. The chair should be adjustable in different positions, allowing the employees to adjust the chair back and height as per their comfort level.

The seat must be adjustable up and down, along with tilting side to side. This is needed to attain correct posture when sitting all day.

2. The seat should be curving down

They are also known as waterfall seats where the seat of the chair curves down like a waterfall. It prevents the seat from touching your knees from behind. The seat should also be shaped to enable the equal distribution of weight and it should be quite comforting to sit on. The seat edge should be soft and make it easy to move the thighs and backsides. The chair should provide comfortable support in every seating position.

3. Breathable Upholstery is Better

The upholstery on an office chair must feel comfortable to touch, especially if you would be sitting on it for long hours doing your work. If the upholstery is scratchy, irritating, or something that might make you feel hot or sweaty while seating, you should avoid it. Instead, the upholstery should be breathable and should not be too dense, not allowing even a little bit of air to pass.

4. Remember to find right rest for your arms and shoulders

You can think of your back and seat, but what about arms and shoulders. It is very easy to overlook if a chair is comfortable for your arms and shoulders. The chair should be comfortable, with enough space to allow your arms and shoulders to move easily. If the office chair HK is not ergonomically designed to provide easy support for your arms and shoulder area, it could lead to pain in the elbow, wrist, and shoulder.

Pick the Best Office Chair HK From Finest

Finest is dedicated to creating excellent furniture using modern equipment and computer-based technology. They do it for implementing different processes to produce ergonomically designed furnishings. They use the finest quality materials brought-in from around the world. With the combination of cutting-edge equipment, first-class materials, and effective and efficient production management structures, Finest delivers the best results that ultimately lead to an increase in customer satisfaction.

We have a fully incorporated professional service in place for manufacturing to distribution processes. Each process is judiciously monitored and supervised, including prototyping, choosing materials, shaping, testing, assembling and distribution.

Furthermore, Finest is also committed to caring for people and the environment. We only use non-hazardous, eco-friendly, or recyclable materials for building their furniture lines so as to keep our manufacturing units, workplaces, and environment unpolluted and safe.

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