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Bodyflex armchair

Designer Michael Ko envisioned a simple chair which could understand and intuitively respond to the needs of the user. A winner of the international Red Dot Design Award the largest and most renowned design competition in the world. The Bodyflex chair utilizes advanced technology to actively support you throughout your workday.


  • Active back

The innovative technological material, which is FDA certified, is completely non-toxic and safe. Durable and lasting design provides full support and gentle comfort for all body types. The delicate material is made from 100% recyclable materials and is harmless to the environment

  • Auto-Guide

The Self Inclined Mechamism (SIM) leads your body to the ideal position that bring the maximum support to the user’s back. It operates constantly to support a user’s body weight and spine in various work postures and proactively assists users to the standing position when leaving the seat

  • Natural Flex

The back offers an extra 19 degree tilt. Active Back imitates user’s movements for instantaneous support and the reduction of back stress.