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11 February 2022

With this in mind, we spoke to leaders in business, education, and culture on designing spaces with our humanity at their core — softer spaces. These are flexible spaces that support our needs intuitively. They contain materials and forms that feel good. They are environments that bring us together.

From our earliest days, this softer approach to living, learning, and working has framed everything we do.

Our families of products are manifestations of essential human values — connection, sensitivity, comfort and ease. We design for a world that unites us in our humanity. Together, softer.

To Exchange

© José Hevia


Banks present a duality.
They are both the institutions that we transact with on a daily basis for the more mundane tasks of life, and they are a network of resources and tools that enable individuals to achieve life’s major milestones: nancing a new home, launching a business, or saving for a child’s education.

Whether you’re there as part of your daily routine or as part of a life-de ning moment, creating a supportive, calming atmosphere inside these institutions can have tangible effects on mood, emotions, and con dence.

© Christian Columbres


To Care


Hospitals and spaces of healing must attend to the vital needs of three very different populations. Patients receiving treatment seek out dignity, ease, and humanity in the face of their vulnerability.

© Adam Mørk; © Valerie Clarysse


Visitors need spaces for communion, celebration, grief, quiet, and community. And medical practitioners require spaces that allow for agility, dexterity, respite and the highest standards of technological advancement.