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Design Thinking for Novice by Mr. Ron Leung
26 May 2019

A while ago I have given a seminar to a cohort of Insurance and Financial Planning practitioners. In that 2-hour session, I could actually give none more than a brief introductory portrait about the fundamental mechanism of Design Thinking with a few selected cases to elaborate, let alone the equally important part, if not more, the Design Doing in the entire Design Practice. Nevertheless, grabbing available chances to advocate the value of Design to other business sectors is something deem important.


There were actually a few preset objectives I have imposed in the seminar: 1) To introduce to non-creatives about what is design and the role of designer in order to clarify the misconception and stereotype impression that many people have. 2) To deploy a novice friendly approach to introduce the basic concept of Design Thinking to fellow industries from which I hope they can pick up the Thinking model  and skill of defining problems, solving problems and providing sensible solutions in an aesthetic touch and apply to their day to day practice. 3) To intrigue more people to get in depth of the subject by joining relevant workshops provided by professional institutions. I believe that the more people possess the problem solution technique, the more reasonable and liveable society would become.


Three weeks after the sharing I have received an album of 84 feedback letters from the audiences compiled by their Senior District Director Bernard. I have read every single letter in gratitude for requiting their sincerity. What deeply touched me was that all the feedback letters have recapped the points they feel moved in the presentation, in one way or the other, and what could be applied to their day to day practice. That never happened in my entire speaking experience. From the event, I have become more affirmed that, letting more people understand Design is not just the act to make things look good, but make things work to achieve objectives with a creative and elegant touch, on the other hand, is a clear and present urge for designer/ design communities to work on.


Credits to :

Mr. Ron Leung

  • The Former President of Hong Kong Designers’ Association,
  • The Founder and Creative Director of L.I.M. Design Work