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After a decade of thriving in the industry, WINTECH is now synonymous for high quality steel office furniture.

Besides manufacturing standard office furniture, WINTECH also specializes in customizing metal-fabricated furnishings. Today, WINTECH is not only producing beautiful, high quality furniture but is also doing so at competitive prices. Vertical Filing Cabinets and Lateral Filing Cabinets.

AT WINTECH, they strive to be a reliable manufacturer in terms of delivering our products according to the highest standard and excellence in steel office furniture fabrication. The fabrication of all products must also be done systematically and on-time according to customer specifications and requests, as this will reduce cost in the long term while also enforcing the client’s support and confidence in WINTECH products.

Swing door steel cupboard
Sliding door steel cupboard
Glass sliding door steel cupboards
Open shelf steel cupboards
Tambour door steel cupboard
Mobile pedestal cabinets