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Founded in the Netherlands in 2009, KOPLUS takes on the vision of designing products that are truly intelligent and intuitive. Professional in design and producing functional furniture, KOPLUS is dedicated to inspire a simple, sensible, stylish, and sustainable way of living and working.

KOPLUS adds an intuitive touch to your day to day life. Their core value is to bring forth simple usage, sensible product, stylish design, sustainable production, smart interaction, and sensational experience. All of these six attributes are the most fundamental and essential aspects of a wholesome lifestyle.

At the KOPLUS design studio, they work with international designers and professionals. Taking advantage of our global resources, they challenge the norm and seek for new and inventive ways to approach design, material, production, etc.

Finest x Koplus Milli sit and stand - 1080x720_

Tonique armchair
Bodyflex armchair
Symbian armchair
Switch armchair
Tonique drafting chair
KIN sit-stand desk
KINNET sit-stand desk
KNEST sit-stand desk
HOP sit-stand desk
MOUNT sit-stand desk
Koplus Versa Folding Table
Koplus Pod Solo
Koplus Pod Duo
Koplus Milli Pod