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Born in 2008 by OMP Group, infiniti is a furniture brand for home and contract market.

Over the past few years they have grown. They have become older and mature. They have started looking back at their history made of passion for beautiful things from all over the world. They have realized they enjoy telling stories and listening to them, with pure eyes and a clean heart, always watching things as if it was the first time with curiosity and enthusiasm, appreciating all of them. We sat around the world to export an all-Italian know-how, featuring a highly-personal cosmopolitan view. This is Infiniti today.

The dynamic soul of the brand leads the product choice, giving life to an alternative concept of furniture thanks to…

Infiniti counts on 4 plants where we manufacture plastic, metal and wood, creating collections 100% made in Italy.

Replay stackable chair
Loop 4 legs chair
Loop 3D wood chair
Callita chair
Cookie chair
Arkua folding chair
Loop lounge low chair
Pure Loop 4 Legs stackable chair
NOW 4 Legs stackable chair
MAT extending table
Pure Loop Binuance chair
Demoiselle sofa/ armchair
Pure Loop EDU