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Bolia has created a collection focusing on exquisite craftsmanship paired with a contemporary Nordic design twist; honoring the handcraft, sustainability and longevity in every single piece with some of the world’s finest designers.

“Everything begins with the design”

They believe being good at one and not the other is too easy. You have to be able to feel the love, sweat and emotions that have been put into every single design, every piece of wood, glass or metal. You have to understand where and how every sourced material is produced, not just to ensure quality at every turn, but to know, and be satisfied, that every piece comes with a clear conscience, ethically and environmentally.

90% of all designs are handmade in Europe, tailor-made to fit all needs or wishes from our customers. We have no warehouses, and no furniture in stock. All design are made-to-order. When you order your chosen design in either one of our concept stores or on, it’s being produced – just for you.

Grab series
Split series
Mara series
Pepe series
Beaver series
C3 series
Saga series
Philippa series
DT20 series
Mood series
Vitro series
Piero series
Case series
Clinkers series
Oliver series
Quadro series
Strap series
X-Shelf series
Diamond series
Orb series
Flachmann series
Glasblase series
Balloon series
Grape series
Meteor series
Leaves series
Rotate series
Maiko series
Vetro series