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Tonique armchair

We took the traditional mesh chair aesthetics and add a modern spin to its design. The light and frisky Tonique collection lets you work, learn, think, talk and even relax freely at work.


  • Auto-balance

In search for a simpler way to sit and work in comfort, we designed a self regulating mechanism that auto-balances itself to match you. Anyone can sit on Tonique and experience the optimal seating experience immediately

  • 3D Mesh

Tonique mimics your curves and offers 3D support through the weaving pattern of its mesh. The mesh varies in densities which provides a smooth gradation of tension with fullest support starting from your lower back and spine.

  • TPEE

In the search for a perfect balance, we designed the TPEE material. Its innovative weave seamlessly offers both strength in support and flexibility in comfort.