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The Hush Phone Booth radically improves the convenience of work for the entire office. It protects the privacy of conversations, markedly reduces noise and, as a result, improves the general mood, since everyone can feel more relaxed.


Hush Phone is an independent, electrically-powered space. Inside you will find lighting, an electric socket, and a USB port. Apart from that, we fitted the interior with an efficient air-conditioning system, to supply fresh air. We also consider the fact that no one can really predict what their offices are going to look like in a year or two. Hush Phone can be moved around the office without the need to disassemble it.



  • An independent, electrically-powered space
  • Toughened acoustic  glass door with handle
  • Ergonomic shelf / storage
  • Fold-away oak veneer laptop table
  • Acoustic lined fabric storage panels



  • Metal frame and honeycomb board
  • Both sides melamine covered
  • Tempered, bonded glass
  • Panels made of high-density fiberboard
  • Polyurethane foam upholstered