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Corporate Furniture Design Finest
05 February 2022

Finest has provided professional furniture design services since 1992, including client hotels, banks, wealth management, education centers, technology companies, retail, start-up stores, etc.


Work reference


Plaza Premium Lounge @ 快意 (Finest)


ShenZhuang Group @ 快意 (Finest)


List Sotheby’s International Realty (Hong Kong Office) @ 快意 (Finest)


Manulife Hong Kong and Macau @ 快意 (Finest)


Juventus FC APAC Office@ 快意 (Finest)


HeyTea @ 快意 (Finest)


China Vanke Co., Ltd @ 快意 (Finest)


China Stone Co., Ltd @ 快意 (Finest)


花樣年幼兒中心 @ 快意 (Finest)


OPPO@ 快意 (Finest)


Anjiajian Technology Limited (Shenzhen) @ 快意 (Finest)


SPD Bank (Shenzhen, Science and Technology Park Branch)@ 快意 (Finest)


Dinghe Property Insurance Co., Ltd. @ 快意 (Finest)


PopWay Hotel @ 快意 (Finest)


快意辦公室傢俬 Finest Office Furniture Supplies


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